Kids Are Gross

My kids leave stuff everywhere. When we ask them to clean up, their version goes something like this: kick, throw or push all toys, laundry, coloring books, etc, into the closet or into a storage bin. I used to try to pick up after them every day until I got too frustrated. That saying is true. Cleaning when you have kids is like shoveling when it’s still snowing. So now I try to pick up twice a week so I can vacuum and once a month, I sort through the smorgasbord of stuff piled high in closets and storage bins. What has this taught me about my children? One, they are slobs. And two, kids are gross.

The ten things I most commonly see while picking up around the house:

1. Used tissues

2. Used neon-colored band-aids

3. Random puzzle pieces

4. Tiny little Legos. Ouch.

5. Crumpled up paper

6. Dirty socks (Can also substitute dirty underwear with stain)

7. Loose change

8. A stray Uno card, memory (the game) card, alphabet flash card, or any other kind of card you can think of.

9. A piece of crayon or a chewed on pencil eraser/ marker without its cap

And my personal favorite:

10. Boogers that have been wiped on the walls

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found when picking up your kids’ mess?


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