The Lazy Days of Freezing-my-ass-off Winter

I don’t know how I survived the last 6 years without school days. I love school days. I also love being a stay at home mom. Do I love it because I get to spend all day with my kids, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and pretending not to notice the dust bunnies crouched in the corner ready to eat my cat? No, not really. To be completely honest, I love it because I can be lazy. 

Yes, lazy. I can spend all day in a sweatshirt I’ve had for 15 years that has a big hole in the armpit. I can pair it with one of my 2 pairs of black yoga pants (which I consider part of my mom uniform) and out of control wild hair. And no one judges. Except maybe the mailman who, during the Christmas season, was delivering at least one package a week. But he’s super old, so who cares if he’s laughing at me in my comfortable ratty clothes, no bra, and crazy hair? I don’t.

I can read a book, play Candy Crush and Farm Heroes Saga (a shout out to Aunt Deb for hooking me on these games) and talk on the phone in between the loads of laundry, loading the dishwasher, sweeping up cat litter, and picking up dirty little socks that have been jammed up under pieces of furniture so that I can’t wash them. Sometimes I can even *gasp* take a nap! Life is good folks. Life is good.

One thought on “The Lazy Days of Freezing-my-ass-off Winter

  1. M-Sane,

    Sloth does have its attributes – among those being monoholed armpit sweatshirts. I have some holes as well in different items of clothing, but none of them are in the armpit. School days rock. There’s no getting around it. We’re getting hit with a nice little mini-snow right now and were let out early today. Tomorrow is up for grabs, but most are fairly confident it will be all the stuff of your dreams – a no-school day.

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