How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

On the first day of Christmas, father winter gave to me… a headache and a chest cold.

On the second day of Christmas, father winter gave to me… a son with a stomach bug.

I could go on, but hey, I’ll spare you. All in all, just a typical Christmas vacation. Everyone got sick, we ate too much pizza and cake (because that’s what my kids want on their birthdays) and spent lots of quality time with the family. My children each got a year older. I had the luxury of taking not one, but two naps on Christmas day. It snowed. And it snowed some more. I played lots of Candy Crush and am currently obsessed with making it past level 147, which I’ve been stuck on for, like, two weeks. 

Since this was my first Christmas break with a child in school, Monday was my first first day back to school after a long break. It sucked. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to get the kids back into our weekday routine. I gave myself an extra 10 minutes, but I should have given myself an extra 20. We had about 4 different power struggles. My driveway was an ice rink (no word of a lie, it’s treacherous) and it was pouring rain. I fell on the ice, soaking myself in the process and dropped my daughter off at school as the tardy bell was ringing. (As were about 100 other parents.) Soaking wet. Dripping, soggy, soaking frigging wet. Caylie made me get out of the car to walk her to the door. I don’t even want to know what I looked like!


Along with the rest of the country, it is really really cold in Maine. Yesterday morning, it was -15. I carefully walked to the garage, but the door was frozen shut. I gave the door a few shoulder bangs, like you see in the movies, and it worked. But the garage door was frozen to the cement under it and when I hit the button to open the garage door, my automatic door opener popped off its track. I ended up walking outside, swearing at the top of my lungs, and kicked the garage door all along the base of the door. My neighbors probably think I’m nuts. One of them was watching me from his driveway. But hey, I’ve got a kid to get to school on time and I don’t have time to deal with frozen garage doors. I pulled and pulled the door until it finally broke free and we successfully made it to school on time. Whew!

I hope all of you had a good holiday break and a happy New Year!

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