Welcome to Boringville

I’ve been taking a trip to Boringville the last week or two. The weather has gotten colder and my daily activities have been reduced to scheduling doctor appointments around my daughter’s bus schedule.

On the good side, I started a new medication that has really helped with my anxiety. I was feeling like a bubbling cauldron of panic that would rise up and burn everyone around me at the slightest provocation. And all the provocation seems to come from one small 5 year old. So I am feeling calmer and hopefully my interactions with my child won’t be so eruptive.

On the bad side, if there is a bad side to being calm, I feel like I’ve become very boring. All I really want to do is get my errands run, keep up with my housework and read some books. Gives a gal a lot to talk about, doesn’t it? I have no knowledge of current pop culture as I don’t watch TV. I have no real knowledge of current events, because I don’t watch the news or read anything other than the local paper. I’ve simplified my life to the point that I can enjoy my daily life and my family. There’s nothing outside the realm of my family life that I worry about anymore, or really concern myself with. My simple life has made me feel calm and secure. Peaceful, if you will. But also pretty boring.

Was being depressed and anxious what gave me a personality? God, I hope not. But I do feel a little more bland. My inner drama queen has quieted. She made me dramatic and funny and gave me something to say. And she also made me worry and panic and feel generally miserable. So I’ll take the blandness and keep my seat on the train to Boringville. It’s nice to not have my panties in a twist about everything in life.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Boringville

  1. I refuse to ‘like’ this. With all that “boring time” you have lying around there. You could be joining me on NaNo. Just sign up, add me as a friend, and start writing. There’s all kinds of stuff that goes on. People get together in your area, there are virtual write-ins, word wars. It’s just all about starting a project and finishing it. We’re only at 20K for the word count deadline today. It would give you something to do with that time you have. Hit me back, sister.

  2. There’s a difference between being boring and being bored. I’m the former, not the latter. I would think writing 20K words about something would require inspiration, which I am all out of at the moment. But I’ll mull it over!

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