Monday Musing


I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness. And about individuality. And how hard it is to be able to be yourself in a world that is ready and waiting to cut you down with harsh words and ugliness. I have been thinking about my child and her struggle with her own self-expression, her fearlessness, her sensitive nature and the world we live in where people teach their kids curse words because they think its funny. Or laugh when their kids insult someone because they just can’t believe they did it.

We are all fighting a great battle nowadays. That battle is trying to be ourselves. Trying to not be judged. I thought that teaching my kids kindness and caring would be enough. Now I wonder if I need to help them build a mental armor before I send them out there without me.


2 thoughts on “Monday Musing

  1. Be there for them when they come home and truly listen to them. Support them (as you already have been doing) and make them see you are on their side. The world is not a nice place; home is.

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