My Never-ending Story

I have been in a bad place this last week. Physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve been sick, PMS-y, grumpy, tired and emotionally overwhelmed. Reduced to eating raw cookie dough for comfort kind of bad place.

I don’t feel like a very good parent. It’s always wonderful, too, to get parenting advice from people who don’t have a flipping clue as to what my life is like minute to minute and hour to hour every day of the week. Every day of my life. Yet that parenting advice makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong, making bad choices, being lazy or neglectful, or just plain stupid. Well guess what? I know I’m not a wonderful parent.  I sometimes think the only thing I’m doing right is that I love my kids.

Is there a such thing as the perfect mother? I think its a fantasy. (Or I hope it is anyway. I don’t want to have to compare myself to her.) Kind of like the Duggar family’s mother who never raises her voice and is always smiling. I mean, she’s either smoking some serious weed, or else the snarly ugly mommy growl comes out when the cameras are off. Maybe I need someone to be recording my every move all day. I bet that will make the snarly voice of the “mean mom” disappear for a while. Maybe then I’ll feel better about my ability to parent my kids.

Do you know anyone you would nominate for the Perfect Mommy moniker?



12 thoughts on “My Never-ending Story

  1. Is there such a thing as the perfect mother? I’m pretty sure it was Mother Teresa, but I’m also pretty sure she never had kids–so that kind of explains things. (-;

  2. This was a comfort to read today. I spent the weekend feeling judged for my parenting “skills”. Misery lives company I guess.

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