A Sugar Withdrawal Coma Killed my Blog Post

Well, I dropped the ball yesterday. This Whole 30 thing is kicking my butt! I’ve spent the last 72 hours going through sugar withdrawal and with the way I felt, I thought for sure I was going to wake up this morning looking like Lindsay Lohan. No luck with that, but that’s cool because I like my botexless lips just the way they are.

Since I missed Day Three of my Book Blogger Challenge yesterday, I’ll do 3 & 4 today.

Day Three: Who are your blogging BFFS?

That would be Mary at Contrary Mom and Levi at LPStribling. Wow, that was too easy to answer. Guess you’re glad I was in a sugar withdrawal coma on my couch yesterday, don’t you? Because now you get to keep reading!

Day Four: What’s the last book you flung across the room?

That would be the final Sookie Stackhouse novel, “Dead Ever After” by Charlaine Harris. Although, I only mentally threw it across the room because I can’t bring myself to damage a book. And it was a library book, so I didn’t want to mess with public property. I did, however, let out an amazingly loud “What?!” and a disgusted snort that echoed throughout my quiet neighborhood (I had the front door open!) before I snapped the book shut and walked away.

I have to warn those of you who still haven’t read the book and plan to that the rest of this blog will be a spoiler alert, so stop now and come back later when you’ve wasted your time finally gotten around to reading it.

This book was the thirteenth book in a series that started in 2001. I had been eagerly awaiting the publishing release date of the last 2 books and would dedicate an entire day on the weekend to just sit down and read the newest book in one sitting. That’s how much I’ve enjoyed them. The twelve book was good, but the story line I was interested in (aka the LOVE stuff) wasn’t too prevalent and I was really hoping that would be what the final book touched on. Instead, what I got was, in my opinion, a half-assed story line that felt forced and rushed so that Ms. Harris could finish out her series and wash her hands of Sookie and her supernatural friends. I’ve spent years and 10, count them, TEN books investing myself in a fictitious romance between two specific characters and instead of getting any kind of closure or happily ever after, what did I get? A wishy-washy, emotionless breakup and a dive right into a new relationship bullshit fest that ended the book with no closure whatsoever. Frankly, the whole thing disgusts me. That book deserved to be thrown across the room! In fact, just reliving the feelings that finishing that book evoked, I feel like I need to go out and check it out of the library again just so I can throw it at a wall.

I may even have to write some fan fiction so I can finish the series the way I wanted it to be finished. The reader is always right, right? Or is that the customer? Either way, if I had actually purchased it, I would be both.


3 thoughts on “A Sugar Withdrawal Coma Killed my Blog Post

  1. That is pretty effed up about the series conclusion! I bought the Charlaine Harris series because I love True Blood. I read the first book of the series and enjoyed it but stopped reading them after that for no real reason, just got distracted I guess. Plus we cancelled our cable so I am way behind on the show. I can’t believe the final two books are such a let down! I stomped on my copies for you. I have no issue with mistreating a book. When I was a cigarette smoker, I stubbed one out on a bible once. Possibly the most gangsta thing I ever did : )

    • I’ve only ever seen a few episodes of True Blood from Season 1. It was too graphic for my prudish self. I don’t need to see Sookie’s brother banging everything with a vagina. The sex scenes are not the center of the story lines in the books; they focus more on Sookie’s perceptions and feelings. I loved all of the books except the last two, so if you ever get around to reading them again, just be forewarned that you may want to write some hate mail to the author at the end. Oh, and the cigarette/Bible thing is very gangsta indeed!

  2. Freeze grapes and pop them in your mouth when you absolutely need something sweet! Soft vanilla ice cream is ok, too. (But no more than 1/2 cup!) You can’t go full-tilt into a horrible diet – you’ll just hate it too much and quit.

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