15 Book Related Confessions


With the heat and the tedium of summer at home with kids I haven’t been feeling very inspired to write. So when I saw this challenge on my friend Stribling’s blog, I thought, I am so going to do this blog challenge. If I’m feeling particularly inspired to write about something else, I’ll blog about that instead and Mondays will be my Whole 30 Challenge updates for the next 4+ weeks so I won’t be a one-trick pony boring you to death. I hope! Book Blogger Challenge, here we go!

Day One: 15 Book Related Confessions

  1. I used to be a book snob. I loved reading literary fiction and the classics, but the plots were getting too emotional for me. I’ve got enough reality in my life; I don’t need to read about it too!
  2. I prefer reading series because its comforting reading a book with a bunch of characters you feel you know personally.
  3. I’m a romance junkie. I love my Sci Fi and Fantasy, but if there’s a love angle built in there, I will love it even more.
  4. Sometimes I get so attached to fictional characters that I go through withdrawal once I finish a series.
  5. I’ve re-read some of my favorite series maybe 5 or 6 times.
  6. I dream about books.
  7. I think I’ve learned more history and historical terms from the Historical Romances I’ve read than I ever did from a textbook.
  8. Damaging a book is sacrilege. Don’t you dare dog-ear a page in front of me!
  9. I’m a book sniffer. I like the smell of newly printed books and I’m not ashamed to take a whiff when I’m in a book store. The hardcover books printed on semi-gloss paper smell the best.
  10. I can read a book a day sometimes. Depending on the book and on the day.
  11. I can’t afford to buy the number of books I read in a year, so I’m practically a resident at my local library. Not only do they know me by name, I’ve had them reserve books for me when new ones come in that they think I’ll like. I have my library card number memorized.
  12. I want my kids to love reading as much as I do. I signed them up for the Children’s Library Summer Reading Challenge 3 weeks ago. They each pledged to read 50 books this summer. We’ve already read 30 (and that’s only counting library books).
  13. After 8 years of marriage to me, my husband has become an avid reader. I love it! We are currently reading the same series and I feel like we have our own mini book club discussions once the kids go to bed.
  14. When e-readers first came out, I was horrified. I went to college to work in the book publishing industry and the thought of electronic books was blasphemous! Then a friend bought me one for my birthday and I had to admit, they’re nice. And I can have 100 books on my Kindle that don’t take up any space in my house.
  15. I hate when people ask me my favorite book because I can’t choose just one. I feel like each good book is a piece of art. There have been many books I’ve read in my life that have blown my mind, so I can’t choose between them. I just can’t.

nerd girl #138

Do you have any book confessions to make? What’s the best book you’ve read this year, and what made you love it?


5 thoughts on “15 Book Related Confessions

  1. Ooh, a fellow book-sniffer!? Really? Apparently we’re in the same club there. And the harming-of-books bit as well – needs to be a crime, seriously. I looked up information on book-burning (or libracide, as it’s apparently called) and did you know that Congress ordered some books to be burned in the 1950s?



    Your reading speed blows my mind. The last time I finished a book in a day, I was in like 8th grade and on summer break…and it was a picture book. Don’t judge.
    Best book this year? The Last Unicorn. Easy.

    • I’ve been reading for so long, the speed has just come naturally over time, I guess. Like I said, depends on the book and depends on the day. Lately I’ve been spending more time writing, so less time to read! And non-fiction takes me forever. No judging here! And I think I’ll add The Last Unicorn to my goodreads to-read list. Thanks!

  2. I LOVE the smell of books, too! I even love the smell of old books. That musty, dusty aroma makes me think of rainy days tucked away in the attic reading my favorites.

    • Old books smell good too. Kind of like the decaying smell of leaves in the fall. When I was working my first job out of college in NYC, I had to go on “press okays” with my boss. We’d drive to the printing company that printed our magazines and we’d have them pull a freshly printed magazine cover off the press so we could do a color check – make sure the pinks weren’t too pink making the people look sunburned, or the yellows too yellow making them look jaundiced! The smell of the press room was awesome. All that paper and ink and the heat of the giant presses was amazing!

    • Dear Aunt Deb – I think you have something with the smell of old books. Yes and yes and yes. That’s why I don’t believe I could ever own an e-reader. I’m still in the antiquated state, I suppose, much where MS was before her Kindle. It’s not that I don’t believe the Kindle’s don’t work. I know they work – I’ve played the ones my friends have had. Their big argument is something like, “Dude, I can hold 3,000 books on this thing?” Well, that’s great. Can you read 3,000 books at once?
      For me it’s also the fact that I love the experience of going to a library or a book store and getting something NEW. If I have all the books I’m going to read in a year on that tablet thing that always sits on the table, there’s no “new” experience. It’s just going back to the tablet. I don’t know, I’m still 100% a tree-killer in that regard, I suppose. <> Whatcha gonna do?

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