Celebrating Our Independence Since 1776

I hadn’t planned on posting today. It was 81 degrees when I woke up this morning and the heat has just sucked my energy from me. But I was cruising on Facebook today when I saw this on a friend’s page:


These are actual tweets that people were posting on the Internet yesterday. Really? People really think America is 2013 years old? I wasn’t the best history student since I preferred to hide my latest Dean R. Koontz or Harlequin Romance novel inside my textbook during class lectures. Paranormal horror and PG love stories were much more interesting to me than real stuff that happened centuries ago. That said, I still know when our country officially declared Independence.

If my daughter, who starts Kindergarten in the fall, is expected to be reading by the end of the school year, what the hell are students being taught in the upper grades? I mean, I don’t think I was expected to be reading right out of Kindergarten. All I remember about my Kindergarten class was that my teacher was pregnant and left mid-way through the year and my new teacher (the dreaded Sub) hated me because I asked her why she had a mustache. The look she gave me instead of an answer will stay with me forever. And even though I wasn’t advanced enough to be reading at the age of 5, I still managed to learn and retain some basic information about the country I live in. Geez. You’d think these damn kids would be building computer chips and solving the world’s energy crisis by the 12th grade if they’re coming out of Kindergarten reading.

All I can do is shake my head at the stupidity that is out there. It’s shocking. Almost as bad as the time I saw Jurassic Park in the theater and said, “Where’d they get one of those!”


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Our Independence Since 1776

  1. Whoever started that tweet is probably laughing his ass off at how many people out there are actually clueless and out of their minds. I didn’t know how to read until I was in Grade 1, that was when we started with our alphabets. But now KG1 students have to be able to at least recite the alphabet and count to 10. I studied Calculus in college, my children had them in senior high. I am out of my depth when it comes to helping with homework.

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