Bullying 101


I signed up for that writing class. And then I promptly forgot everything I was going to write. My brain was empty of thought. I didn’t look at my novel for a while. I read a book about writing instead.

Today, I posted the beginning of my first chapter to be critiqued by my peers in the class. I keep peeking to see what the comments are, but no one has responded yet. Let the bashing begin. I’ll try not to cringe.

Something I’m trying to incorporate in the character development of my main character is bullying. In my mind’s eye, she was bullied growing up by the people in her village. My only problem right now is how to portray this. I was never bullied. Maybe it was because my family moved around so much that no one got to know me well enough to try to push me around. Or maybe I just got lucky. People didn’t mess with me. I’m glad, obviously, since I had enough going on in my own head. I was enough of a bully to myself to need to get it from anyone else.

So I need a little help here. Were you ever the victim of bullying? What did they do to bully you? How did you respond? I know that I’d like to think I’d beat the everliving crap out of someone who pushed me around, but not all bullying is physical. I’m sure I could have easily been crushed by the emotional violence that girls can unleash.

If you are willing to share with me (and anyone else who reads this), please do so. I want to hear what happened. I want to know how it made you feel and what, if anything, you did about it. You’ll be helping me out. Really.

2 thoughts on “Bullying 101

  1. Yea, unfortunately, my high school memories are not that great. I never retaliated; I just went home and cried. I think I became a better person/better mom because of it. I knew how it felt, and I was ready to battle for my son.

  2. I remember in Junior High I started wearing ties right before it was “trendy.” But really it was trendy. It is just that our Junior high was slipt in to the A side and B side. The A side was where all the popular girls were. I say this because the girls on this side let you know it and you felt it. It was how they all grouped together not letting anyone else in. You had to play sports- not music or sing or do art. I remember how they belittled me one morning by having a cool guy give me a hard time by calling me a boy when I was wearing a tie in the gym where we all had to go before school started. I remember how embarassed I was and just didn’t say anything. I remember thinking though how they didn’t start wearing a tie until after I started. I had the balls to wear one first but I got called out on it by a cute, popular boy who succumbed to his own peer pressure to fit into his group.

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