My Day in Limericks

There once was a mother named Tam
Who decided to go on the lam
She realized one day
She went the wrong way
And ended up back with her fam

There once was a young girl named Cay
Who never got out of my way
Hit in the head
She looked really dead
Till she jumped up and down shouting, “Hey!”

There once was a fellow named Chase
Who had the most beautiful face
With a smile so fine
It was almost divine
He doesn’t belong in this place

I wanted to spend the day writing
Instead I broke up lots of fighting
My energy spent
I didn’t make a dent
On the pile my desk has me sighting


2 thoughts on “My Day in Limericks

  1. There once was a girl named Tammy
    Who was totally loved by her fam’ly.
    She’s raising fine tots
    And her husband is hots
    And her aunt can’t
    Rhyme worth a damn’ly!

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