(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I drew a stick-figure picture for the kids on Sunday describing how mommy needed some personal space. The picture was very simple, but done as a Makankosappo (click here for some cool photos of this), which is this Japanese trend right now of taking pictures of people to make it appear that they are releasing invisible energy that throws the people near them into the air. So, I gave the picture to the kids and told them that it was a picture of me with the super power to keep them from climbing all over me. They took the picture and left the room. Yay for me. Five minutes later, my 5 year old came back and handed me this picture:


Apparently my daughter thinks that this is a more realistic picture of me. I am saving this picture forever and ever because it made me laugh so hard I couldn’t speak for several minutes. And for those of you who know me, and who are getting to know me, that’s a big deal!


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