Pajama Mama

I’ve decided to be a little more serious about my blogging. So I thought I’d go read a bunch of other blogs to get inspired and maybe pick up some tips. I’m not sure if I’ve learned anything, but I do have some questions.

What’s with the fake names for your kids? I don’t know who T-Puzzler is or Prettybaby and I guess I just don’t care. Or are you cruel and you’ve named your kid something along the lines of Moonunit or Pilot Inspektor? (Come on Jason, you are so funny and I love your movies, but really? Pilot Inspektor?) Because if that’s the case, then, okay you are really using their names. But I don’t understand the need for the fake names. Wasn’t it hard enough to think up the first name you gave them? Now I have to come up with a cutesy nickname? Geez Louise, people. I’m going to be here all day trying to come up with fake names for my kids that won’t scar them for life. Should I not use my name either? What are the fake name rules here? Call me Mama, Pajama Mama. (Forgive me, I’ve been feeling completely geek-tastic all week.)

Do you have written stuff in reserves? With all the advice out there about how to become a successful blogger, the one I keep seeing is post something every day. Wow. Other bloggers must be super creative and possibly systematic, regimented people. Because I need to feel inspired to come up with something to write about. I don’t sit down every day and think, hmmm…what can I write about today? and still have the time and presence of mind to actually parent my kids. Maybe I should try to be a little bit more systematic, but the length of the blog posts I’m reading is telling me that other mommy bloggers are really taking some serious amounts of time to write every day. Or do you write a bunch of stuff in advance and then have stuff to post every day?

Do all my blogs have to be lists of something? I don’t actually mind this one. Lists are fun and easy for me. If the answer is yes, I’m going to be so stoked. But I have noticed that all the most popular blogs get the most hits and comments on their list-style posts. I think I need to go sit down and create some more lists.

Do mommy bloggers always have to blog about their kids?  I love my kids, and the entirety of my waking day is spent with them, so I will probably be writing about them the majority of the time. But I think about other things too and sometimes I’m going to want to write about them. It keeps me sane.

If you are a fellow blogger, what one piece of advice would you give Pajama Mama? (ooh, writing in third person feels so cool! Maybe I do like the fake name thing!)


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