Wordy Wednesdays

Because in my house, there is no such thing as a Wordless Wednesday. Oh, I could post pictures of what we’re doing today on this rainy, cold day in Maine. But that would not accurately portray my life. And I’m nothing if not open and honest about my life.

The only moments of silence in my house are when I am the only one here, or when I am sleeping. Although, my husband does occasionally talk in his sleep and my across-the-street neighbor and his son are into dirt biking. So sometimes it’s not even quiet when I’m trying to sleep. (Did I mention that my dirt biking neighbors have friends that show up in a motor home filled with people who all also have dirt bikes and seem to think its acceptable to ride said bikes before the sun has come up?) Yeah, I don’t get a lot of quiet.

From sibling fights to telling tall tales, reading out loud to answering a million questions a day, I would say that all my days are pretty wordy. My daughter has been very interested in how babies are made. Understandable since her auntie just had a new baby and two of her friends at school have welcomed new siblings since the beginning of the year. So when she has asked me in the past, Mom, how does the baby get in the mommy’s belly? I always answer, God put the baby there. End of story. That always stops the questions. But then my husband has to go and throw a wrench into this perfect answer. We live a very short walking distance to a horse farm. A horse breeding farm to be exact. While Caylie and her dad were watching the newly born foals being all cute and awkward on their spindly legs, Caylie turns to Mike and says, So God makes baby horses, right? And Mike, answers her with, Well, technically, horses make horses. Thanks a lot, Mike! Because Caylie thought about that one for a while and then turns to him and says, So does that mean that people make people? Mike, Yep. Now, I keep getting asked, How do they do that? How does the baby get in there? I’ve tried the seed growing in a garden metaphor but my very clever 5 year-old merely comes back with, but how does the seed get in there?

My son, thankfully, is more interested in his new baby cousin’s umbilical cord. Yes, you read that right. I swear I need a degree in how to answer my kids’ questions! Upon seeing the new baby, Chase immediately pointed to his belly button and yells, What is that? Poop? So I tried to explain the umbilical cord. Good luck to me. Chase finds this new information fascinating and can’t stop asking me about it.

This Wordy Wednesday has been no different from any other wordy day this week. After spending an hour cajoling my daughter to get dressed, brush her hair and brush her teeth, we left the house with me already exhausted and Caylie wearing clothes, with her hair in a mess and bad breath. Chase barraged me with questions about baby Paul and his cord and how does food actually go through it while Caylie interrupted by telling Chase she was looking out his window. A fight over who can look out which window ensued until I finally got to the school. What a long 8 minutes it was.

It is now 3 o’clock. I’m all worded out. So here’s my daily dose of whining. Hope you have a better Wordless Wednesday than I did!


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