Wiggles and Giggles

I have been feeling so blah lately. I don’t know if it’s the lack of sunshine, or just my hormones, but I am definitely dragging.

I was feeling about as gray as the rainy sky this morning when Chase just cracked me up in the car. My kids say the funniest things sometimes. In fact, after the I-love-yous and the hugs and kisses, my favorite thing about my kids is the stuff that comes out of their mouths. Even when they are saying things I don’t like I am still secretly laughing on the inside. An indignant 5 year old with her hands on her hips and an attitude to boot just makes me giggle in general. But this morning, we were driving to an appointment and listening to the radio. A Jeremy Camp song was on the radio singing “Take My Life” (its about God, so no gasping here!) and there is a section of the chorus where he sings “take my will.” Although in sing-speak the word “will” has 2 syllables. Every time he sang, “take my will” Chase would giggle. Finally, Chase says to me, “Mommy, how can you take someone’s wiggle?” Maybe you had to be there, but I needed that laugh!

A few weeks ago we were sitting at dinner and Caylie spilled her water. Mike told her not to freak out, just get up and grab the paper towels and wipe it up. Well, Caylie sat there whining about how that would be too hard. Before Mike or I could say anything, Chase says, “Then stay wet.” and went back to eating his dinner. Our on-going problem is name-calling and Chase thinks anything that starts with the word “butt” is a horrible insult. You can imagine our complete amusement when Chase started calling Caylie “buttercup” in as nasty a voice as possible.

I have a friend who had someone ask her if there was anything rewarding about having kids. My friend had to think about it for a while because, frankly, being a parent is a pretty thankless job. But my answer would be, unconditional love, baby kisses, little arms squeezing you in a hug, you’re never lonely, and they can make you laugh like nobody’s business!

What is the funniest thing your child has ever said to you?


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