Pink is the new Blue?

My 2 year old son is in love with Dora the Explorer. He asks to watch it every morning. He sings, he dances and he has even said some words in Spanish when his beloved Dora has asked him for help on her adventure of the morning.

Last Saturday, while Caylie was home with her dad and her goopy eye, Chase (who’s eye was not yet goopy) and I went grocery shopping. On the kids’ list: shampoo and pull-ups. So, of course, when in the shampoo aisle, Chase sees the bottle with Dora on it and must have it. Okay, I’m cool with my kids smelling like cherry blossoms. In the cart it goes. We finally get to the diaper aisle and I reach for the Pamper’s Easy-Ups box that I have a coupon for. The “boy” diaper box. The blue ones with Diego, Dora’s animal-loving cousin, on the diapers. When Chase sees the box I’m putting in the cart, he yells, “No! I want Dora!” And points to the “girl” box of diapers. The pink ones depicting Dora sliding down rainbows and dancing in a field of flowers. “You want these?,” I ask as I pick up the pink box of diapers. “Dora! Dora! I want Dora!,” my little man screams. “Okay, but they’re pink. Is that okay with you?” “Uh-huh. Okay!” Well, okay then. I guess I’m cool with my son wearing pink diapers.

So we came home with a 54 count of pink Easy-Ups for my potty-training son. Chase immediately wanted to show daddy his cool new diapers. And there I was in the kitchen, laughing silently as I opened the box and handed Chase a diaper. I heard Chase run into the living room with his prize, saying, “Daddy, look, Dora!” And I heard my husband pause and say “Wow! Look at that nice pink diaper! Is that a rainbow on the front?” I looked at Mike and laughed. But I was also proud of my ex-Army, sometimes-too-macho husband for going with the flow.

On Wednesday, when the antibiotics the kids have been on had rid them of their goopy eyes and double ear infections, we had a play date with a friend. The big kids decided to have  a fashion show. So Caylie dressed in her Cinderella dress, complete with her princess kitten-heel shoes, her friend EJ dressed up as a rainbow princess with red heels, and Chase put on Caylie’s sparkly white tulle dress and a purple Dora hat. The kids pranced around the playroom for us moms and laughed and had a good time.

When the play date was ending, Chase fell asleep in my arms and we settled in on the couch. Mike came home to find the 3 of us asleep on the couch. His wife and his 2 little princesses. And while he shook his head at his son’s sparkly white dress, I thought, who doesn’t like to dress up and have fun? And why does everything marketed with Dora on it have to be just for little girls? Boys like adventures too. And sidekicks who are monkeys with red boots.


One thought on “Pink is the new Blue?

  1. LOVE this one!!! I have had a few “pink” moments with my son too! I realize how messed upour preconceived notions of what is good for boys/girls are….to them it’s whatever is fun and it means nothing. Yet people get so hung up on this stuff (see all the controversey about the mom from J.Crew who was seen painting her son’s toenails in one of their catalogs and the bedlam that ensued in the media) My son walks around the house with a hat on with a big rose applique on the side of it. Hey, whatever floats his boat I say!

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