I dub thee, Germuary!

Winter in Maine is oh so much fun. We have sledding, snow tubing, snowshoeing, skiing, ice skating, and the polar dip on New Year’s Day if you are crazy enough to brave the freezing cold ocean water in January. But I never do any of these things because I have kids and its January. Which means? Everyone is sick and we will be coughing and sneezing and suffering from cabin fever long before February rolls along. (Oh, and did I mention that its cold here?)

On Friday night, just as my husband was pulling into the driveway to start his weekend, I noticed that Caylie’s eye was red and oozing. Oh joy! Pink eye!! My favorite. Let’s spend the weekend with a highly contagious bacterial infection! Yay! So I called the pediatrician and they called a prescription into our pharmacy for us. Because the charge for an office visit isn’t worth having a kid with pink eye in the waiting room, is it? Oh no. They know what they’re doing!

My poor little girl, who has been coughing the last few days and dutifully wearing an eye patch over her strong eye to help her lazy eye get stronger, now has a yucky, scratchy, goopy eye to boot. And putting drops in a 4 year old’s eyes every 3 hours is deserving of a medal! Lucky for me, she is so exhausted that she actually lay on the couch and let me put the drops in this morning. Wow. She must really be feeling like crap to not even put up a fight. All weekend, Mike has had to hold her like a little baby, with her arms pinned, for me to even attempt to get close to her with the eye dropper.

I’m still holding out for that Rent-A-Mom as I’m still feeling sick. My body kicked the ear infection, but I’m just as coughy and congested as ever. I’ve been wiped out physically and almost wept with relief when the weekend arrived so that I could take it a little easier. Chase seemed to be (finally!!) over his sinus infection and cough, so I had visions of a possibly healthy week on the horizon. And then the pink eye reared its ugly, goopy, head. Our entire household has been washing hands constantly. All the towels are being replaced daily, as are the pillow cases on our beds. And I have 3 loads of laundry on my bed, ready for me to sort, to prove it. Last night after dinner, I had a rare burst of energy and cleaned my house from top to bottom, disinfecting all surfaces. Caylie’s eye was looking better and after more than 24 hours on the drops, was no longer contagious.

I woke up this morning with hope. And was met with a hug from my son… who has a goopy, red eye. Caylie’s temp is up to 101˚ and has spent the morning laying listlessly on the couch. The pediatrician’s office had me on hold for 20 minutes and just when I was convinced that the office was closed, the receptionist came on and took down my number so a nurse can call me back. That was 45 minutes ago.

I should have known it would be this way. I mean, it is Germuary, after all. And my husband’s maniacal, and slightly hysterical laughter as he ran out the door to work this morning should have been a dead give away. Cause its -2˚ outside. And Mike HATES to run in the cold!


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