My Second Birth Day!

Newborn Chase

It’s amazing to me how quickly time goes by when you have children. Today is my son’s 2nd birthday. Two years ago, I delivered my beautiful baby boy in his nursery in our home and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. My first delivery, with my daughter, had been traumatizing to me and my subsequent introduction into motherhood brought fear, hopelessness and anxiety into play. And with a colicky baby to boot, my first year as a mom was more difficult for me than I had imagined.

But when I had my son, I was in a better place, both mentally and physically. I had chosen to birth my baby at home where I felt safe and in control, and I felt better prepared to be a mom to a newborn. I followed my instincts and mothered the way I felt was right. And I have truly enjoyed these past two years. My son re-taught me what it meant to be a mom. He brought back my self-confidence in mothering and I have experienced more joy in my life because of him.

Thank you, Chase, for all your precious hugs and kisses and for making these 2 years so wonderful for your mommy. I love you, baby! Happy Birthday!

My 2 year old!

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